One of our members attended an AvSafety seminar to get the low-down on flights departing YMUR during the Comm Games.  Summary as follows:

  1. We are able to fly out of YMUR and do circuits at YMUR, provided:
  2. A Flight plan is submitted for all ops. That includes Circuits.
  3. On taxi you call BN Cnt 119.5 and say “BN Cnt this is RYC taxing at YMUR for Circ/Destination, Request Code”

Cntr will come back with the code and he might ask you to squawk when airborne.
Operate on the CTAF and listen out on 119.5.

There will be no one operation on code 1200 within 90NM of CG VOR. Everyone will have their own discreet code

Dates of OPS is from 04/04/18 to 15/04/18 There will be a test run on 02/04/18 and it might be in force for a few days after the 15/04/18 till the 17/04/18.

As to travelling north you can NOT operate within 4 NM of Carrara Sports stadium R970A SFC -1600. NO clearance will be given.  Check the SUP for full details of all RAs.

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