Construction at YMUR

Construction has begun on a building to the North of the airfield.  Pilots should use caution when landing on 18, departing 36.  Message from the Tweed Shire Council website:

Please be advised that construction of a building has commenced immediately to the north of the airfield runway. During construction, there may be cranes and other construction equipment at height which could infringe the obstacle clearance for runway 18/36.

Use extra caution when landing on runway 18 and departing on runway 36.

The builders have committed to advise Council in advance when they will be using any construction equipment at height. However, there is always the risk that they will not inform Council so pilots should be alert for any possible infringement of the 18 approach / 36 departure path. Pilots are asked to inform Council of any unreported infringements on 0266 702400.

If Council is informed of any planned/actual infringement of the obstacle clearance for the runway, efforts will be made to close the airfield and a white cross displayed near the wind sock. Other than for emergency use (e.g. helipad) the runway is NOT TO BE USED when the white cross is displayed. During construction, pilots should not conduct straight-in approaches but should always join overhead to confirm the runway is open.

It is anticipated that construction will be completed in March 2017. When construction is complete Council will engage surveyors to confirm the height of the obstruction and its potential impact on the current displaced threshold.

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